4 Tips for Maintaining Your Asphalt Roof

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Maintaining for your Asphalt Roof in Bainbridge, WA

Asphalt roofs are a popular option for their affordable price. However, they have a shorter life span than most other roofing materials. For this reason, you need to properly maintain your roof. With regular maintenance, you’ll be able to spot problems before they become expensive leaks. Check out these four tips for maintaining your asphalt roof.

1. Kill and Remove Moss

Plant matter may occasionally collect on your roof, but unless you have a lot of windstorms or overhanging branches, most of it is washed away with the rain. However, moss doesn’t wash away because it actually grows on the shingles. It usually starts growing around the edges of shingles, but as the moss continues to thrive, it may lift the shingles, which exposes the roof to rot and leaks.

4 Common Causes of Roof Leaks to Be Aware Of

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Unproductive Gutters - Roofing contractor working in Bainbridge, WA

Your roof’s primary job is to keep water out of your home. For the most part, your roof will excel at this task. However, certain conditions and areas of your roof are more susceptible to damage and leaks than others.

Know the conditions and areas of your roof that tend to develop leaks so you can keep vigilant watch over your roof and get professional roofing help before any water damage occurs.

1. Declining Shingles

Asphalt shingles are designed to last for about two decades. They may last a little longer or shorter depending on the brand of shingles on your roof and the exact weather conditions.

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